Alma Westcott

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I have worked for Legacy, APC since 2006. During that time I have worked closely with Mr. Palomino to help our clients with their legal needs.

As a legal secretary, paralegal, and notary public, I have a wide range of responsibilities and wear many hats. My primary role is to communicate with our clients and ensure that we complete their projects in a timely fashion. But I also help draft estate plans, assist with funding trusts, notarize documents, and help in the trust administration and probate processes.

In addition to my daily routine of working with Mr. Palomino and our clients, I also work closely with our clients’ outside legal professionals, financial advisors, insurance advisors, and other financial professionals to ensure we serve our clients as best we can.

I am fully bilingual and typically serve as the first point of contact in both English and Spanish for our partners and clients. I also help arrange seminars and workshops to educate our clients, area professionals, and others in the community.

I studied at Southwestern College, USD, and SDSU and hold a degree in Bilingual Paralegal Studies. I am a San Diego native and love spending my free time with family and friends. I enjoy hiking, mountain biking, shopping, relaxing at home, and watching movies.

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